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September 03, 2014  



mediAVentures' primary mission is to provide top-quality audio-visual expertise in the field of medical education. We do this by our engagement to set up and perform the best possible interactive live surgery high definition teleconferences, be it from operating rooms, cath-labs, or any other location to auditoriums and congress halls worldwide.

View more.. European Conference on the Future of Internet
(Munich, Germany, September 17, 2014)

Congress Support

View more.. Live to TCT Conference
(Antwerpen, Belgium to Washington, DC, Sept 13, 2014)

Live Surgery

View more.. Harefield Primary Angioplasty 8
(Harefield, UK, September 9-11, 2014)

Live Surgery + Congress Support

View more.. Paediatry Urodynamic Examination - Instructional Video
(Ghent, Belgium, Jun 2014)

Medical video

View more.. Coupure Seminars - MACS Lift course
(Ghent, Belgium, Sep 6, 2014)

Live Surgery

View more.. European Society of Cardiology - Annual Congress
(Barcelona, Spain, August 30-September 3)

Live Surgery + Congress Support

Sunday 20 april 2014
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Live from the CathLab - three simultaneous full HD feeds, on our giant curved screen @ESC Congress Barcelona.

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