Who are we?

mediAVentures is a multimedia production company specialising in medical and scientific video production and high-end congress support. Founded and run by medical doctors, we have combined medical skills and experience with the latest in high-quality audiovisual techniques for the past 25 years.

We take care of the technical and AV-aspects of more than 50 congresses every year, ranging in size from 50 to more than 30.000 delegates. We are the leaders in live surgery transmission, with more than 200 live case transmission days and more than 1.000 hours of live cases per year. Only 5% of the work is done in our home country, 80% in Europe, the rest worldwide (America, Australia, Asia, Middle-East). Click here to go to our clients and references.

All our camera operators (some of whom are Medical Doctors) and technicians have extensive experience in filming in sterile environments and medical surroundings, and fully respect the patients’ privacy and medical deontology. For every live case, at least one of our operators and technicians has covered more than 100 medical procedures in the OR, while another has covered at least 50 procedures, a third more than 25, etc. Equipment sterilisation and galvanic insulation, MSRA status checking, scrubbing in, respecting the sterile fields… these are all essential parts of the audiovisual production. Lean more in our white paper about do's and don'ts in live surgery.

The result is a full-service, end-to-end approach to the realisation of medical educational events, conferences and congresses, and integrated live case demonstrations.

We are also pioneers in the introduction of the latest television and broadcast technology. We have worked exclusively in HD-TV format for nearly a decade now. Over the past 7 years, we have gained extensive experience in the 3D imaging of live cases and 3D postproduction/projection. Since last year, we offer complete UltraHD/4K productions !!

Furthermore, we have created a number of unique concepts for congresses across the world: digital and moderated poster islands, our I/O-Forum, our #GreatGlassWall etc. To find out more, explore our videos or photos or Contact Us.

The mediAVentures team

Wim Van Renterghem
General Manager, MD, Executive Producer
Medical doctor, videographer, politician, you name it! Full of great and ambitious ideas, and the workpower and perseverance of a horse to ensure they come true... One thing everybody can agree on: Wim's ideas sometimes seem impossible, but they always get accomplished and amaze everybody.
Arne Van Renterghem
Finances & Computer Genius
Medical doctor, IT-specialist, a passion for photography, he can stream anything from Japan over Merelbeke to the USA, living on the edge when it comes to timing, but never failing. On top of that, Arne is the financial manager and makes sure that we know our limits - if we have any :-)
Peter Germonpré
Graphics and Multimedia
Another one of the doctors. This one is exploring new edges of computer and video integration, and supervises post-production and graphics. On a personal level, he’s one of Europe’s most renowned diving medicine specialists, so don’t be surprised if he’s off himself to one or other medical conference or course !
Barbara Masson
Finance and Administration
Barbara is the heart of mediAVentures. Nothing escapes her attention with a special dedication to the human and social aspects of working together. She is the direct link of Wim, Peter and Arne to all aspects of our organisation and manages our administration and finances at the same time. She truly is one of a kind.
Wim Samyn
Commercial Director
If you are enquiring about our services then you will probably meet him before anybody else - you can ask him anything. Wim will translate your ideas into specific solutions and will try to inspire you with new ideas. Don't hesitate to contact him!
Ruben Masson
Although spectacularly nice constructions and scenery are designed on our computers, Ruben is often the one who makes them come alive, and finds clever solutions for any question. He also assists in the warehouse or wherever needed. Thank you mate!
Jelle Van Lysebettens
Warehouse Manager
His passion for AV is as old as Jelle himself. As a kid, he was fixing radio's, cassette players and VCR's. He started his AV technical experience in theatre, now he is all-round audiovisual technician at our warehouse and on site of our productions.
Sabine Decraene
Administration Assistant
Sabine is our essential assistant in administration: she processes all the bills from our crew's dinners, taxi's, hotels, cars... She conscientiously processes not tons of equipment, but tons of papers to keep our accountants happy. And be sure, it takes patience!
Bram Steenbrugge
All-Round AV Support
Bram is one of our youngest crew members, hungry to experience and learn everything when it comes to computers, editing, recording, archiving, testing broken equipment or new stuff, but also preparing sets for venues and live sites. A motivated guy, who – unless we stop him - even comes in the office in his free time to double check or speed up his work.
Carine Verlot
Warehouse and Maintenance
This is how it works at mediAVentures - once you start, you are hooked! Carine lives for her job and colleagues. This early bird keeps everything tidy, serves a wonderful lunch every day, takes care of the cars, flies wherever needed to get last minute pick-ups and many things more. Nothing is too much for her, a strong woman with a heart of gold.
Joeri Van Renterghem
June 30, 1970 - April 25, 2011
Our brother & buddy Joeri was one of the most energetic founders of mediAVentures. He remains forever in our hearts and will be terribly missed.
Arne Trinconi
Warehouse Manager
With literally tons of AV-equipment and scenery to manage, a smooth organisation, control and follow-up is essential for high quality. Joining the mediAVentures' team, Arne turned out to be a natural professional in this matter. Severe and correct, always ready no matter at what time. This young muscle is physically and mentally in the centre of the warehouse, don't touch anything without permission!
Melat Ollevier
Melat is the dedicated support of our planning team. She keeps track of planning of our crews, looks for nice accommodation, books flights, trains, hotels, boats... Everything that is needed to get a crew on-site in time, giving them a comfortable stay on location, and getting them safely back home. On top of that, Melat is the on-site production assistant for our bigger events, giving a reassuring support to the project managers. Right in the middle of the team!
Alix Van Renterghem
Sander Van Gampelaere
IT Engineer
Nico Hellebaut
Production Manager
Dieter Vanmarcke
Technical Coordinator
What do we do?

mediAVentures is not like any other audiovisual support company. We take extreme pride in what we achieve in this very specialised field and will not settle for medium quality. We are not "for rent" - we work with our customers, toward a common goal. Those who've worked with us before will know what we mean. Our way of working involves a lot of personal contact and mutual confidence; in fact, many of our customers have become personal friends.

We do not provide "AV packages" - therefore it is impossible to publish price lists for any future project. We fully realise that there may be cheaper ways to get audiovisual techniques to a meeting. We usually work with an "all-in" budget: once we know what your requirements and expectations are, we propose a budget and stick to it - and will not count the hours, equipment or staff needed. Please feel free to explore this website and have a look at our previous projects to gain insight into "our way" of AV support.