Congress support

Our doctors attend medical congresses as delegates and sometimes give presentations. Consequently, we see things from the perspective of the end-user, and have often have been frustrated by the poor quality of audiovisual services, even at major events. That is why our AV-setup is centred around the needs of the presenters and audience, and is designed to give presentations and sessions the greatest possible impact. And that needs so much more than just a projector and a laptop connection!

A set-up as large as possible and tailor-made, adapted to the size of the room and with seamless wide screen projection, fully integrated moderator and speaker desks, and 2D/3D projection in HD or UltraHD(4K), or the same resolution in LED-technology.

The speaker preview room is where we typically first meet speakers/moderators to help them prepare for their talk. Once on stage, the speaker controls his/her presentation using a wireless mouse and monitor, or even by simply touching the screen in front of him. Features such as a countdown clock, signage screen and presentation management are all integrated into the package. In mid-size and larger congresses with multiple rooms to manage, we use our proprietary Presentation Management System (PMS).

We focus also on the finish and quality, with technology rendered as ‘invisible’ as possible by using, for example, back projection. We ‘dress’ the conference room to the highest standards; black cloths, dedicated and background lighting, LED-walls and plants all make the room feel ‘special’. On larger congresses, our stage designer builds a full set for the podium.

Interactivity and connectivity as standard:

Two-way communication between the multiple operating rooms and venue

Q&As via Twitter, SMS, chat, voting, remote parallel sessions and break-out rooms

Live streaming and a local Wi-Fi network, IT-networks for presentations management, Video-On-Demand services

Additional extras: DVD/USB-stick production, web-based sharing of congress talks and cases, video reports, add-on interviews, photo booths...the list is endless!

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Mega Congresses and innovative AV concepts

Our drive and passion for innovation have led to the in-house development of unique concepts and proprietary audiovisual innovative solutions to support the largest medical congresses. 

  • Complete tailor-made meeting rooms inside convention centres or expo halls, combining LED and projection screens, with curtain, hard or glass walls.
  • Large screens with multiple picture-in-picture displays
  • I/O forums: open and interactive meeting rooms around a central stage. 
  • Digital and moderated poster desks and islands: today the digitalisation trend cannot be stopped. The paper poster is being replaced everywhere by it digital counterpart. You want to see how we do this - we have product sheets and photos in the links below 
  • TV-studio: high end solution for your congress. The fully fledged, state-of-the-art TV Studio, with a highly professional crew and all equipment included. Alongside creating and editing interviews to broadcast quality during your congress, the Studio is an eye-catching feature that complements and enhances your congress.
  • Our #GreatGlassWall that allow physical separation and create a 'participant flow' for your congress spaces, while creating a feeling of transparency and openness. The adjacent sound baffles - decorative by themselves - create the right acoustics.

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Our mission is to add quality and value, not just provide the basics. We are regularly asked to manage some or all of the technical and audiovisual aspects of a congress, not just the congress room, and as a PCO or Organising Committees you will rapidly see the difference: worry-free, high-end, tailored solutions.

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